Unmasking – the babilon conspiracy

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This book is meant to give you a strong warning about the deceptions and traps hidden behind the symbols, celebrations and practices that are passing as normal but actually contains a message of spiritual death. You will know more after the flood, and the conspiracy of an ancient babylon of Cus, Nimrod and Semiramis and how idolatry and satanism get extended across the world. The idea of a New World Order is ancient. Is it already done the technology that the Antichrist will use as the “Mark of the Beast?”
            Miguel Sanchez Avila
Evangelist and Teacher of the Bible, Miguel Sanchez Avila, began his call from God when he was twenty years old after intense manifestations of the Holy Spirit into his life and a fire into his heart that said laudly: Preach! Preach!
He has a Tv program with the same name of his Ministry, “Word, glory and power”, where issues are discussed for spiritual growth and teaching to the Lord’s people. He is the grandson of Evangelist Yiye Avila and son of Pastor-Evangelist Noemi Avila, who gave a very good example of love and dedications for the work of God.
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